Friday, October 3Outfits

As a young girl, I loved all things pink, sparkly and pretty. That's probably why Cinderella was my favourite out of all Disney Princess movies - who wouldn't want to meet their prince charming after all?

Snow White on the other hand, wasn't on the top of my list. The Evil Queen with her talking mirror used to intensely scare me. But when I saw this, not so talkative, clutch on Instagram, I was green with envy and just had to have it. The clutch fanatic in me just couldn't wait to go home and order it.

Of course, this little mirror doesn't talk back to me (and turns me green, which isn't really flattering), but I sure can't think of a more stylish way to carry a mirror with you at all times without looking like a narcissist!

I paired it here with a Cameo ensemble and one of my favourite pair of sunglasses (Dior's So Real) and ended up with this effortless chic look. Thoughts?

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