Saturday, November 22Press

6:05, a concept store in Beirut, has officially re-opened!
Make sure to visit their store and grab a copy of their mag!
Find below the short feature in their magazine, enjoy!

What do you do at 6:05?
Work, Work, Twist.

What makes you tick?
Wanting to satisfy my sweet tooth with no chocolate in sight.

Do you believe in magic?
If you don’t believe in magic, you’ll never find it.

Describe your happiest hour…
Nap hour is my happy hour.

Traffic jams make you wanna…
Learn how to fly.

Last night i…
Tried to dance to Arabic music #totalfail

In 20 years, I’ll…
Hopefully still be a Twister with a successful career and a family to love.

If I had a million dollars, I would…
Spend it wisely ☺

One thing you carry around with you all day (that nobody knows about)…
3 packets of gum – one flavor is never enough.

Your go-to piece of clothing is…
Sparkly sneakers.

What epic party, that you missed on, would you like to time-travel back to?
I'd go all the way back to the flapping 20's! I'd go to parties with a super short hair cut, a flapper dress, one of those really long cigarette holders and a boyfriend with a Tommy gun. LOL

Do you ever wear the same thing twice?
I’m pretty sure my dad wouldn’t be too happy if I didn’t…

Why Engineering?
I wish I could answer…

Why did you decide to move back to Beirut?
I missed having home cooked meals. (No offence to my roommate).

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