Friday, May 15Press

Featured in this month’s 6:05 magazine. Make sure to pass by their shop in Beirut Achrafiye and grab a copy of their mag!
Find below the short feature!

What do you do at 6:05?
Write & Twist.

Do you believe in magic?
Magic is something you make…

Last night I…
Binge watched old episodes of my favourite reality TV show #GuiltyPleasure

If I had a million dollars, I would…
Put it in the bank… After buying a pair of shoes or two of course! #Showaholic

Your go to piece of clothing
A tight black midi dress.

My favourite spot is…
My bed #Zzzzz

Traffic jams make you wanna…
Flap my invisible wings and fly away!

One thing you carry around with you all day (that nobody knows about)
The nail polish I have on, I’m always afraid of a little chip…

What epic party that you missed out on, would you like to time-travel back to?
Any Kennedy era party. You know, those glamorous parties on yachts… they sound like fun!

Why can’t women put on mascara with their mouths closed?
I don’t know… Maybe it’s one of those unexplainable scientific things. Let me google it!

Invisibility or flight?
An invisible flying ghost!

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