Tuesday, June 2Outfits

This is the second look (and our personal favourite) from our styling collaboration with local brand, Jessica K.
Summer season has officially launched and you all know that the eternally graceful colour of this warm season is white. With so many events to attend, it's always fitting to have a couple of outfits at your disposal, especially those that can be altered to look dressy or casual.
This outfit accentuates yet again the relaxed & chic feel of the brand. Very minimalistic and elegant, the white top and pair of trousers make an amazing jumpsuit-like look. It's a personal favourite for a casual dinner or drinks with friends. Plus off the shoulders tops are very in this season and we love how they highlight the collar bones. Very feminine and sexy. The accessories seen here are also by Jessica K. How stunning is the golden cuff?
Again, we can't emphasize enough how much we love the whole collection and you really won't understand unless you pay their showroom a visit. You can also drop them an e-mail at for orders, or even follow on instagram: @jessicakofficial to stay updated on the collection. Lots of love, The Twisters.

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