Tuesday, June 9Dab & Splash

Feeling like... Bikini So Teeny!

Excited to announce that we're teamed up with Aishti multibrand store and specifically their Spa section: I-Day Spa, for this week's nails post.
For those of you who don't know, the renowned multibrand store offers a full service spa in their downtown branch for people to get a full range of pampering whenever their hearts desires. From facials, to massages, hair treatments, to nail treatments, you're sure to find any glam category you want there.
As you may have noticed, I love the nail brand Essie, and the spa has an exclusive full range Essie nail spa where you can get the best manicure and a nail change. For my first time there, I opted into a very summery colour, not a very new colour (it's actually from the Summer 2012 collection), but it's such a nice shade. It's a blue shade with purple hints. It has a slight silvery shimmer which makes it great to wear before heading to a beach party. To get the colour to properly pop and avoid streaking, you'll need a good three coats. The picture above is actually taken one week after I had my nails manicured, so you know it lasts well.
Feel free to book your next appointment at Aishti's I-Day Spa anytime through the week!

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