Friday, July 24Dab & Splash

Paying homage to Lady liberty while on a short trip to New York last week.
If you’ve been following the blog for a while (or if you’ve stumbled upon any of our pictures on instagram), you would know how much Dima and I LOVE headpieces. I personally have a burning need to wear the trendiest headpieces. Seeing as my style is more minimalistic in terms of apparel, I always try to add a flair of chicness with my accessories. And most times, the easiest (and relatively cheapest) way to do so, is by adding a headpiece to my outfit.
I was actually introduced to this brand by a friend of mine, and bought one of their designs a few months ago for a wedding I attended. I must say, everyone loved the piece I had on. Unlike many other headpiece designers, Sherine, the designer of Vishnu concept, tries to have a story linked to each piece and you’ll notice it when checking out their collection.
Seen here strolling down the streets of Williamsburg in Brooklyn wearing my amazing star crown. I actually saw this crown on their instagram account in a gold tone but the designer introduced me to this black colour which in my opinion is so original and goes perfectly with both gold tones and silver tones (so you won’t really have to stick to one or the other). I love this crown, can’t wait to wear it over and over again!

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