Wednesday, July 8Dab & Splash

Feeling like… Suzi shops & island hops!

Decided to opt for a pink as I embarked on one of my many summer travels. I usually like to go for nudes, reds, or pinks when I travel as it usually matches best with anything you’re wearing (convenient colours I call them).
This specific OPI colour is a new one from their Hawaii 2015 collection. It’s a creme pale pink, sort of reminds me of the colour of cotton candy. It’s a very young colour, so I wouldn’t suggest it for more mature women (you’ll feel like a 15 year old highschool girl when you have it on).
The formula is smooth, however you’re going to need a good three coats to get the colour right. Once on though, it does make your tan pop so that’s always a plus.
Kisses from New York!

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