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Who doesn’t love a fresh new and aspiring designer?

If you haven’t already seen her pieces all over your instagram feed, or failed to notice your best friend dolled up in her clothing, your eye for sophisticated trends is failing you.

It’s no secret we LOVE Jessica K, we’ve previously showcased some of her items on our blog and styled them up for everyday looks, but this time, we’re taking it to a whole new level!

We’ve teamed up with the designer to deliver a special collaboration that we hope will get you all super excited. For over three months now, we’ve been scheduling meetings, picking fabrics, and designing pieces that are essential for a fall/winter wardrobe.

We’ve created three key pieces that can be worn at different times of the day, for different occasions, and that will always look chic.

Our first item is one that you’ve surely had on your wish list for your fall closet: the wrap!

This piece is a statement number that can be worn at all times in order to warm you up during the colder months of the year. Ours however has a special TWIST!

You can customise your own wrap with your signature hashtag or name just like we did above. Dima is wearing a dark grey poncho with our signature #ImperialTwist hashtag in silver embroidery.

The poncho comes in two classic colours: jet black or dark grey, and you can select any colour you want to be stitched on.

For your orders, you can visit Jessica K’s atelier at Monroe Hotel, second floor in Downtown Beirut, or you can simply email us at: and we’ll make sure to have your order ready for you!

The poncho retails at $250 with your custom embroidery in your select colour.

Happy Shopping!

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