Wednesday, November 11Twisting Playground

You know the drill by now. We've rounded up our top 5 picks for this month!

First, the Brooch. Bling is back this season (of course for us, it was never out in the first place)! We love Prada's big brooches. Every fashion brand has pretty much introduced one into their collection and the accessory goes perfectly on any coat, chunky sweater, or cardigan!

Second, the Studded bag. The biggest thing in handbags (in our opinion of course) is studs. This Valentino item definitely has a biker chick influence - which we love. It's also in signature black and white which is perfect for outfit coordination.

Third, the Cozy Sweater. November in Beirut isn’t that cold of a month usually so a sweater and a leather jacket can be more than enough (most of the times)! We love this Pepe Jeans “Soho” slogan sweater. It’s perfect for your casual days!

Fourth, the Poncho. Burberry has been amazing us for a while now with his gorgeous throws. This is a runway piece and is very hard to resist. It works with any tailored outfit-leggings, skinny jeans, pencil skirt, leather shorts.. You name it! PS, for a highstreet brand that maintains chicness and gorgeousness we’ve created a custom poncho in collaboration with JessicaK that you can order from her atelier or by emailing us. Our #ImperialTwistForJessicaK wrap poncho is a fabulous purchase and a much more affordable one! Head over to our collab section for more on the wrap!

Last but not least, Over-the-Knee Boots. Our pick is this Givenchy runway pair. They would go perfectly with any oversized chunky-knit sweater or a dress. Only downside is the pricetag that comes with it.

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