Thursday, October 8Twisting Playground

On the final day of Paris Fashion week, Nicolas Ghesquiere showcased an incredibly creative collection at the brand’s polished and fresh Louis Vuitton Foundation.
The space was transformed into some sort of futuristic set with big screen projections and beaming lights. In their own words, the house took its guests into “A journey to the frontiers of the digital era”.
The models appeared on set looking like the heroines in video games. They were dressed in over-dyed silk jumpsuits, NASA prints and holographic materials, which went perfectly with the futuristic theme. Their armory included the mini locket bag studded and tasseled, and a large carryall (which we’re sure is going to be one of next season’s big hits). Moreover, bulky creeper sandals, leather knuckle dusters and metal pipe chokers completed the whole warrior vibe. Alongside his fantastic ideas, Ghesquiere respected the heritage of Louis Vuitton by recurrently using the signature monogram print on painted leather jackets, coats and bags.
This was definitely a great way to end this fashion month! Ghesquiere, we salute you!

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