Friday, October 9Collabs

Because our LOVE for Jessica K has no limits, we designed two more essential pieces for our special collaboration with the Lebanese designer. We revealed the wrap to you a few days ago and now we're showcasing the shirt and the skirt (Ps. You can basically mix and match them with anything in your closet to make a fabulous fall/winter wardrobe!).

The skirt with the big embellished star is a statement piece for any of your nights out. It's very elegant and extremely easy to use (you can even wear it with funky sneakers if you have to dress up for a meeting during the day).

Our third item is the customisable shirt (which comes in black or white) with your own signature hashtag or name just like the one above. The shirt is also sheer from the back which gives it a Twisty edge.

For your orders, you can visit @JessicaKofficial’s atelier at Monroe Hotel, second floor in Downtown Beirut, or you can simply email us at: and we’ll make sure to have your order ready!

The skirt retails at $300, whereas the shirt retails for $200 with your custom embroidery in your select colour.

Happy Shopping!

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