Wednesday, October 28Outfits

We've teamed up with local Lebanese multi brand store, Depeche Mode, and we're bringing you some of our favourite pieces styled with our personal Imperial Twist touch! Here's one of the looks!
The main thing we’ve gathered from the latest Fashion Week is that next season it’s all about futuristic vibes and video games. Why not jump on the early style train with this fun and funky bomber jacket? Paired here with skinny leather pants and a navy silk shirt to match the colours of the jacket, and a pair of simple black stilettos, this look is perfect for a lunch date or even a casual night out. The backpack and white oversized glasses, give it a little edge but you can totally replace the accessories with a simple black clutch for a look more suitable for night time. If you’re not a fan of heels, swap the stilettos for a pair of sneakers (white preferably) and you’re good to go!
Hurry up and head to Depeche mode to grab these pieces. There are also plenty of other awesome stuff. We promise you, you won’t regret it!

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