Thursday, October 15Outfits

You’d think now that I’m living in London, I’d be going to Paris more often. It’s just a Eurostar away right? Well I wish. With all the workload I have for my course, I barely have anytime left for myself. I know I was in Paris 3 weeks ago but I miss it already. There’s something about that city that keeps drawing me back to it. Perhaps, it’s the company, the ambiance or maybe just the food. I can’t figure it out! But then again, who doesn’t like Paris, right?
Today’s post was shot during my last visit there. I was actually on my way to lunch with some friends at one of my favorite spots there: Ralph’s. Burgers, Cheesecake and THE best Caramel Popcorn; what more could a girl want? And since my friends are never punctual, I decided to take advantage of me being early and twist! I’m wearing here a red fur vest that I paired with black leather pants and a burgundy Lady Dior bag.
Because monsters are my new best friends, I couldn’t help but accessorize with this little black backpack from Fendi. Last but not least, the shoes. Pierre Hardy also succumbed to the whole monster trend and made this amazing pair of sneakers! They’re bright and fun. After all, one monster a day is never enough, right?

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