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Let me say it from the beginning

I know a lot of women out there don’t see the need to buy and stock up on beauty tools, but I have to say that is extremely foolish! I know it seems easier having a ‘universal’ brush that you can use for everything (you definitely cannot have a universal brush for everything though), but you’re missing out of so much of your products potential!The general concensus in the beauty world is (and I’m happy I’m sharing this with you) is that it doesn’t matter how expensive your foundation is, it will only look as good as your application technique.
Having a good tool can be that thing you always needed to perfect your look! I’m a huge collector of beauty tools and usually when friends see me apply makeup they’re shocked at how many tools I actually use, but it’s definitely necessary and I swear by it!
One of my favourites is the original beauty blender. Doesn’t look like much, it’s basically a coloured sponge, but its uses are endless!
The spherical-cone shaped sponge promises flawless application of any all kinds of makeup including base products, primers, foundations, concealers, and even powders.

How to use it:
You can use the sponge damp or dry. After you wet it, the egg shaped tool will double in size and you can use either end to apply your product depending on which area you’re covering. The wider base is great for larger areas of the face (forehead & cheeks), while the pointed tip works best for hard to reach spots (especially underneath your eyes).

Bottom line, the sponge is a versatile tool that will improve the look of your makeup and will definitely speed up your blending.

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