Tuesday, December 15Twisting Playground

For the past week, we've been posting here and there pictures of jewellery pieces exquisitely crafted. And for those who have been wondering about where to find the pieces, it's none other than at Purrl in Downtown Beirut.
Purrl is actually a play on words referring to pearls. The jewellery designer that founded the store started her line by using numerous coloured pearls from different parts of the worlds, each with a distinct quality that makes the created piece special. Eventually, the store came to encompass several designers each showcasing pieces from their collections. What's actually interesting is that the showroom has so much variety that you're sure to find an item to fall in love with (no matter what your budget is).
Annually, the store owner and designer hosts an event around Christmas time showcasing the different designers, their pieces, and offers lucky goers fabulous champagne to sip on. This year, the theme of the event revolved around 'wonderland' (and if you truly know us, you would know we could never resist anything that revolves around wonderland).
The Purrl in Wonderland event was truly spectacular. Not only did the designers showcase their new collections, they also specifically created pieces around the wonderland theme. The tailor made pieces were beyond gorgeous, each truly reflecting the feel and real essence of each.
Although some of these pieces can no longer be found (a lucky shopper already snatched them up), you can still shop most of the collections at the store located in Saifi village. And if you're still looking for jewellery pieces to gift this holiday season, look no further than Purrl!

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