Tuesday, December 22Outfits

Remember all the hype for the Balmain for HM collection and all those videos you saw on social media of crazy people running around trying to grab everything they could find? Well, I'm sort of ashamed to say that Lama and I were as crazy as they get! We stood in line for 3 full hours and fought our way through until we finally got what we were eyeing for the past few months. #GuiltyAsCharged
To be very honest, I still haven't worn any of the pieces I got until last night. Red is a very Christmassy colour and now is the perfect time to take this number out of the closet.
Wore the dress here with an Olympia Le Tan book clutch and a pair of Prada earrings from a few seasons back!
So tell us! What did you think of the Blamaination collection? Did you manage to get your hands on anything? And have you worn them as much as you thought you would?

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