Wednesday, March 9Outfits

Happy Wednesday Ladies! Hope you're all having a lovely day so far.
Again, I apologise for my lack of outfit posts but my course is taking up a lot of my time. It's almost over though. It's crazy how time flies. I'm not happy at all I'll be leaving London but at least I can go back to blogging daily right?
Today's post was shot about a month ago. If you're familiar with me then you know that fun and quirky bags are my thing. Sweets as well. So you can imagine my reaction when I saw this cupcake shaped Kate Spade bag: Love at first sight! I'm not going to lie. I decided my entire look based on the clutch. I thought my burgundy coloured fur vest matched perfectly with the cherries on top. Also because I can never really go anywhere anymore without coffee these days, this cup was the perfect addition to my look! Are you fan of this look or not so much?

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