Wednesday, January 20Outfits

Hello Ladies, hope you're all having a lovely day so far!
As I may have mentioned, I moved back to London for a few months and have been swamped with work, so again, I apologise for my lack of blog posts.
I'm starting to miss Beirut to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying every second of my stay here but the cold is just unbearable. I forgot what January felt like in London! For this reason, I'm throwing it back today to earlier this month. I shot this post back home. It was quite a windy day, but not nearly as cold as it is over here!
Lace is one of those materials that barely ever go out of style and I'm personally a big fan of it. It brings out a feminine side even when the piece isn't exactly all dreamy and romantic. Take this versus skirt for example. The asymmetric cut of it is quite edgy but the lace detailing gives it a certain je ne sais quoi. I paired it here with a cutout Mugler turtleneck and a pair of over the knees Dior boots. Colours are in the accessories. I'm carrying one of my all time favourite clutches by Benedetta Bruzziches. To match the green mirror, I put on a Fendi monster eye scarf as a bracelet and a very old Saint Laurent ring. Last but not least, my hat is by Maison Michel. I particularly like the gold strap on it.
That pretty much covers it for today! Make sure to follow Imperial Twist on Instagram for my adventures in London. Xx

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