Wednesday, February 10Outfits

It's already been a month and half since the start of my course. It's almost over. Time really flies! When it first started, I was so unfamiliar with the area. I had actually never been to Soho in London. It's a shame right? I've come to love this area now. It's always so lively and there's always something going on; cafes and restaurant especially are the best. There's a huge variety to satisfy all types of craving. No wonder I spend my time eating!
Today's post was shot right next to the college. Weather is quite nice (or maybe I just got used to the cold and gloomy London weather!). Here, I'm wearing one of my go to pieces, a Markus Lupfer lip sweater that I paired with a matching sequin embellished coat from Craven. Although it's last season, I'm always happy to recycle my outfits! Do you do that often?

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